The USPSF is proud to announce the creation of the 

We Lead Mastermind

Bringing together studio owners to lead the pole industry forward through education, support, and inspiration.

Remember why you started your studio.

You started your studio because you had a passion for aerial and pole and wanted to share your experience with the world. You also had this crazy notion that perhaps this studio would support you financially, allowing you to pursue this passion full time. Somewhere along the way some things changed. You realized there was a lot more to studio business than just teaching classes. And you grew.

You've changed- in a good way.

You've figured out the basics and have been successful, but you long for more purpose, more connection, and more impact. You need to have some ease in your life. You want to know your bills will always be paid. You want your time back. You want to see your studio reach its full potential so you can help as many people as possible. You also want your studio to give back to you the way you give to it.

You're ready for MORE

You're ready to learn and you're ready to grow. You're not afraid of hard work but you know there can be ease. You're ready to make a difference in this industry by becoming all that you can be as the CEO, creating massive financial abundance for yourself, and sharing your message of pole and aerial empowerment with the world. 

You're ready for the "We Lead Mastermind"

We are here for you!
We will help you get to the next step. 

The We Lead Mastermind is 360 degrees of support for studio owners like you who are tired of feeling alone and are ready to take their place as industry leaders.

Part course, part mastermind, part philanthropy, the We Lead Mastermind exists to close the gap between high performing studio owners and the life they desire while serving as a vehicle to light the way for newer studio owners who need help.

Participation in the WE Lead Mastermind promises studio owners
*The finest in cutting edge business strategy specifically applied to pole and aerial studio business models
*Mentorship with leading studio owners who have proven success 
*Collaboration with other studio owners who understand your struggles and challenges
*Impact opportunities to help save our industry

What is the We Lead Mastermind?

Part program, part mastermind, part impact driven mission, there is nothing else like the We Lead Mastermind.

Education: The Program

Yearly program focused on helping your studio achieve it's full potential Includes
*The Library: Access to a growing collection of resources including all new and past content that is created
*Monthly topics and simple projects to show you exactly what is needed to grow your revenue

Connection: The Mastermind

Bringing together likeminded studio owners for support, growth, and friendship through:
*Weekly zoom calls
*Quarterly Retreats (in person or online) to collaborate
*Private Facebook group for constant connection with other industry leaders

Impact: The Mission

Pole and Aerial are essential in our society. We believe that we must do everything we can to save our industry during these trying times. Through example, mentorships, and service projects, we seek to give back to our industry and make sure there is still pole and aerial on the other side of this pandemic. In addition, we know a rising tide raises all ships. When we succeed, we help others to do the same. 

The Investment

Priced to be accessible for every studio owner. 

$499 per month.
Minimum 12 month commitment.
Membership renews each year.
Stay as many years as you would like.

What You Get

Jam-packed with tools to elevate your business

Weekly Zoom Calls 
Monthly webinars
Quarterly Conferences
Facebook Access
Access to "The Library" 
Course Access to business changing principles

What You Really Get

Your investment is in yourself

Connection and guidance with industry leaders Support through tough times
Actionable steps to grow you business
Accountability in reaching your goals
Hope and reassurance that you can do it

Eventually everything hits the bottom, and all you have to do is wait until someone comes along, and turns it back again. ⌛️


The first session of the WE Lead Mastermind Starts right away. 
Registration closes September 1.
After this the price will be going up to $499 a month for any new members. So do not miss your chance to become a founding member and join at this  "FOUNDING MEMBERS" price of only $250/month. 

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